Halloween 2013

Wow…I’ve been sucking at updating our website.  Here’s the boys at Halloween this year.  They wanted to be a Peashooter and a Sunflower from Plants vs. Zombies.  I went with the paper mache on a balloon technique again this year, since I could work with much smaller balloons than last year!  The costumes were pretty easy to make this time.  Henry insisted that his Sunflower costume be a mask, but he threw a wrench into our plans when he decided that the costume should NOT be a mask when he wore it to school for his Halloween party.  We duct-taped it to the top of a bicycle helmet and called it good.  We should have done the same thing with Steven’s, because his constantly fell, covering his face, while he was trick-or-treating.  Our original plans were that I would also dress up as Crazy Dave and Chris would be a zombie, but we just ran out of time!


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One thought on “Halloween 2013

  1. rick

    Awesome – great job on the costumes. Put a smile on our faces

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