Valentine’s Day

This is Steven and his friend Anna. Apparently, these two have big plans for their future, including wedding bells. We’ve encouraged him to wait until he’s a little older, but in Steven’s words “Me and Anna are on the same page.”

They have been friends for a very long time. They met at a Kindermusik class when Steven was 9 months old and Anna was 4 months old. That’s Steven in the stripes, Anna in the yellow.

(I have to take this opportunity to thank my friend Holly for digging this picture up for me. That’s her daughter Macey in the green dress. After moving TWICE, Holly was able to find this picture in less than 24-hours. She must be way more organized than I am!)

At school, Steven had a project to make a valentine card for someone special. I know, I know…you’d THINK that he’d make one for his awesome mom, but NO. He makes it for Anna instead. But how can I be bitter when it’s as sweet as this:

And in case you have trouble deciphering his handwriting: “To my hart Anna. From Steven. Anna, I love you a lot. I found another boy at school and his name is Dylan. Me and Dylan have a lot in common. Let’s get back to talking about us. I can not wait till summer so we can hang out in your pool. Love you, from Steven.”

Seriously, now! We have a sweet boy on our hands.

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. “… let’s get back to talking about us…” Wow… He’s going to be trouble…

    This is maybe the sweetest valentine ever… Seriously… Ever.

  2. Tracy

    Oh my God. That makes my day. Love it.

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