Sledding day!

We had a much needed Spring snow storm on Saturday, which left Sunday wide open for a sled day!  Despite having about 10 inches of snow in our driveway, there wasn’t much snow on our sledding hill down the street, but we had fun anyway.  Cosmo is a true snow dog!  As soon as one of us starts sledding down the hill, she makes it her mission to beat us to the bottom, or to run daredevil drills in front of us on the way down.   I’m not sure who had more fun!


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Image Steven now has braces!  He has quite the overbite, so his dentist and orthodontist really felt that he needed braces to pull back those “Beaver Teeth.”  He was so excited to get them, and when I dropped him off at school this morning, he was swarmed by his classmates wanting to check them out.  He’ll have these on for 6-9 months.

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Hallowhoops 2012

Oh, Halloween…how I love you.  It’s the one time of year the boys gaze at me in wonder and amazement, because they know I am going to make them the BEST.COSTUMES.EVER.  Let’s stroll down Memory Lane, shall we?

In 2005, Steven was 10 months old, and I made this scarecrow costume so he could be the most adorable scarecrow ever!

In 2006, I was admittedly a little lame.  But in my defense, I had a two-month old infant Henry to deal with, and I was also planning a surprise wedding for my mom and her then-boyfriend, now-husband Terry.  Needless to say, I wasn’t in the Halloween spirit that year.  I did however, take the time to dress the boys in Halloween attire, so I could ohh and ahh at their cuteness, six years later.

I’m now realizing I was pretty lame in 2007 too, and the boys had (GASP!) store-bought costumes.  But they were still the cutest clown and firefighter ever.

In 2008, I finally got my shit together and realized I was actually SUPER MOM.  Steven was obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine, so he wanted to be Percy (the green train) and wanted Henry to be Thomas.  Henry had just turned two, so he went along with whatever his brother said at the time.  Grumpypants had just woken up from a nap, but, I swear, he was happier later.

After that incredi-costume, Steven realized I could DO ANYTHING!  In 2009, Steven decided he wanted to be a tree!  A freaking tree!  Henry wanted to be a frog.  Your requests are too easy for me, you mere mortals!

In 2010, Steven made up his own superhero and wanted to be SUPER SILVER for Halloween.  Henry wanted to be a knight.  I dub thee Sir Henry.  They were relatively easy on me this year, but these were also homemade costumes.  They still have these costumes and wear them all the time!

And along came 2011.  Henry wants to be Pikachu and Steven wants to be an aquarium.  The Pikachu costume started easily enough.  I found a pattern for a Kangeroo costume and made it yellow.  The ears were difficult, because they needed to be long and wide, and getting them to stand up was impossible!  Chris finally gave me a roll of industrial telephone wire, so I was able to mold them into the shape I wanted and create a “crown” to rest on Henry’s head in the hood of the costume.  The tail was a whole other issue, because Pikachu has a lightning bolt shaped tail, and they don’t really make a pattern for that!  Once I finally got the tail figured out, I couldn’t figure out how to keep it from dragging on the floor.  I finally accepted the fact that it was going to drag on the floor, but I wrapped the end in more yellow fleece, so at least we could take layers off as it got too filthy.

I had no idea where to even start with the aquarium costume, and would just stare at the box I planned on using.  About two days before Halloween, it finally came to me.  I spray painted bean bag fill bright pink (for the rocks, we couldn’t have anything too heavy for Steven to carry!) and bought plastic fish and plants.  I hung everything from clear ribbon and covered the entire thing with black duct tape.  We taped battery operated Christmas lights to the top of the tank and Voila!  Aquarium complete!

And then came this year.  The boys warned  informed me that they wanted to be Kirby and Waddle Dee.  I had a vague idea that Kirby was a video game character whom Steven loved more than me.  But I had no clue who Waddle Dee was, especially since they kept pronouncing it “Wild Dee”.  We finally found him on Google, and Henry let me know it had to be the Wild Dee Waddle Dee with the blue Bandana.

How the heck was I supposed to make this?  We thought about chicken wire (too heavy), foam (impossible to shape), fabric (couldn’t really achieve that round look).  It finally occurred to me to use balloons and paper mache.  I ordered 36″ diameter balloons off Amazon and our neighbors supplied us with their recycling bin for newspapers.  Five layers (FIVE!) of paper mache later, I finally had the balloons covered.  After deflating the balloons, I discovered there were some areas that needed more paper mache to firm up.  Let’s just say I was covered with watered down glue for about two weeks.  Then came the painting.  Kirby is typically pink, but Steven wanted to be Yellow Kirby (apparently, that’s a thing.)  But newspaper print is hard to cover, so each costume needed about four layers of paint!  In total, the two costumes took me about three weeks to make, but I have to say, they are FREAKING AWESOME!  I mean, look at these things!  The boys were crazy about them!

They wore their costumes to school, which turned out fine.  I could see that they were having trouble bumping into things, and couldn’t sit down, but the party was only an hour, so it was no big deal.  After the party, I took the costumes home for safekeeping until Trick or Treating.  After dinner, they were so excited for Trick or Treating, and it started out well enough.

We hit four houses before the UNTHINKABLE happened.  In his eagerness to get to the next house, Henry ran ahead.  And tripped.  And with this costume, there was no way to break his fall.  And I heard a sickening crunch.  Not the crunch of bones on concrete.  The crunch of five layers of paper mache being smashed to smithereens.  I scooped up Henry and we were afraid to look.  The costume was RUINED.  Henry’s adorable face was ruined.  Henry started sobbing.  Steven started sobbing.  Halloween became Hallowhoops!  There was no consoling Henry, who knew the costume was destroyed.  I wasn’t even going to mention the scrapes on his face.  We staggered home where Chris attempted to duct tape the costume back together, but there was no saving it.  Wild Dee Waddle Dee was dead.

I was trying to get Henry interested in another costume, but he wasn’t having any of it until I said “How about a ghost?”  There was a glimmer of interest in “ghost”, so I quickly ran upstairs, got the one white sheet we have, cut two eyeholes and armholes and Boom!  Spooky ghost on the move!  You know how sometimes you can just be amazed by kids?  It took Henry about five minutes to recover from the disaster.  He quickly decided he wasn’t just a ghost.  He was the GHOST OF WILD DEE WADDLE DEE!  And he ended up saying this was his “BEST COSTUME EVER!”

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We surprised the boys with a trip to Disneyland over Fall break.  And when I say “surprised”, I mean “SURPRISED!”  They didn’t even know we were going anywhere until we woke them up at 5:30 a.m. to head to the airport.  Keeping it a secret was TOUGH, but we managed to do it!  When we woke them up, Steven’s response was “This better be good.  I was having a good snooze!”  We waited until we had checked in for our flights and were inside the terminal before we told them where we were headed.  I didn’t get the shrieking, jumping up and down response I was hoping for, but they were excited nonetheless.  I think they were more confused than anything else!

Waking the boys up early for our surprise!

We booked Disney’s Grand Californian Resort and a shuttle bus from the airport so we didn’t have to rent a car and worry about driving around Los Angeles.  I’ll take a moment to say that unlike Orlando, people are NOT heading to LA just to go to Disney.  You walk off a plane in Orlando and Mickey Mouse is practically greeting you at the gate.  In LA, so not the case.  After we figured out where the shuttle bus picked up, we stood around for what felt like an hour before an all-white bus showed up and took our bags.  None of that typical Disney customer service in California.  We spent the entire 30 minute ride wondering if we were even on the right bus.

But fortunately, we were.  Once we stopped at the first resort, a Disney representative came on the bus to take our vouchers and we could finally relax a little.  Once we checked into the resort, we finally saw some of that Disney hospitality!  We were greeted with “1st visit” buttons, a picture of Mickey and his friends, several postcards (Jack Sparrow postcard, anyone?  Anyone?) and lots of friendly information on the resort.  We were pretty early, but our room was ready, so we were able to check right in.

The room itself was pretty nice, but storage was LACKING!  We barely had room for everything, and we only had two suitcases between the four of us.  Our room was on the ground floor, with a patio.  Our patio faced Disney’s California Adventure Park, specifically the Goofy’s Flying School roller coaster, so it was fun to sit on the patio and watch the people screaming on the coaster.  We spent that first day exploring the resort (three pools!) and the nearby Downtown Disney.  It was really nice to be walking distance to everything, including the two Disney parks!  We played in the pool for awhile (but the water was FREEZING!), had dinner and we were all in bed by 8:00 to get ready for our first day at the park the next day!

Then, around 10:00 p.m., the fireworks started!  We couldn’t see them from our room, but we could certainly hear them!  I swear, it sounded like a giant was walking around outside!  Fireworks aren’t nearly as enjoyable if you don’t get to watch them, and you are trying to sleep.  Luckily, the boys slept right through them.

Because we were staying at a Disney resort, we were able to get into one of the parks one hour early each day.  Tuesday was our day to get into Disneyland early, which we did.  We forced the boys to wake up and walked over the the park at 7:00 a.m.  What they don’t tell you is that there really isn’t anything to do for that hour!  All the “lands” are roped off, and there was only one ride we could get on, but at least it gave us an opportunity to take some pictures before it was too crowded.

The boys were SUPER EXCITED to go to the Haunted Mansion, so as soon as the ropes dropped, we headed for New Orleans Square.  They completely redid the house with Nightmare Before Christmas decorations.  The boys love that movie, so they were so excited to see it.  The line was almost non-existant at that time, so we got right in.  Unfortunately, Henry was scared out of his mind and refused to go inside after that spooky room at the beginning, so he and I headed out of the ride while Chris and Steven stayed on.  We met them at the exit and Steven was TERRIFIED.  Chris said he trembled for the entire ride!  FAIL!

Now Chris and I were worried!  If they were super excited for the Haunted Mansion and it scared them, would we be able to get them on ANY ride?  We decided to pick the most kid-friendly sounding ride in the area, which was The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  We decided NOT to try out any roller coasters at that time, but we took the train to Fantasy Land and went on It’s a Small World (which Henry was CRAZY about) and then headed to Toon Town where the boys were able to meet Goofy, Mickey and Minnie!  And we were able to get the boys to try out their first coaster, which was Gadget’s Go Coaster.  We were also able to squeeze in a trip on the Jungle Cruise and the Columbia, and both boys decided to try Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and loved it!  Then we headed over to the Dole stand so I could get a Dole Whip!  Mmmmm…love those things!  After that, we headed back to the hotel to rest for a few hours, knowing we would be checking out Disney’s California Adventure that evening.

That night, Disneyland was closing early, and opening for their Halloween party.  We assumed that would be the perfect time to go to California Adventure, because we figured everyone would be at Disneyland for the party.  Again…FAIL.  California Adventure was crazy crowded!  We waited 30 minutes to get on the Goofy’s Flying School roller coaster and another 45 minutes to go on Mickey’s Fun Wheel (the giant ferris wheel.)  After that ride, Steven really wanted to go on the HUGE California Screamin’ roller coaster.  Henry did not, so we headed over to Cars Land and waited another 45 minutes for Luigi’s Flying Tires, a ride that lasted about 30 seconds.  Seriously.  Steven LOVED California Screamin’.  How the kids had that much patience to stand in lines for so long is beyond me.

The next day (Wednesday), we were planning to spend the entire day at California Adventure.  We were able to get into the park one hour early, at 8:00.  Our resort had a guests-only entrance to that park, and by 7:00 a.m., a line was already formed!  We decided not to wait in line for an hour, and instead headed to downtown Disney to let the boys walk around, before heading in the main entrance.  Based on advice from Disney employees, our plan was to get into the park an hour early and I would wait in the Fast Pass line for the Radiator Springs Racers ride.  Even though we could get in at 8:00, they don’t start handing out fast passes until 9:00.  So I waited in line, while Chris took the boys on a few rides.

I did not understand the crowds at California Adventure.  Even the crowds during our early “magic hour” were insane!  I realize that Cars Land just opened, and it is awesome, but holy cow!  Pure craziness!  That park was not enjoyable at all.  Every ride we went on was at least an hour wait, except, surprisingly, the California Screamin’ roller coaster, which was only a ten minute wait.  Steven wanted to go on it again, and Henry wanted to try it too.  While he was attempting to put on a brave face, we don’t think Henry liked it at all.

When it was finally our Fast Pass time for the Radiator Springs Racers, we headed over to Cars Land, fought through the crowds to get to the end of the street where the ride is, only to find it was closed due to technical difficulties.  We did that three times before it finally was open again.  We were all cranky and tired and annoyed with the crowds.  Once we finally got into the Fast Pass line, which, by the way, was still a 30 minute wait!), we stood in line for 15 minutes and Steven decides that he really needs to go to the bathroom!  By the time he and I got back from the bathroom, Chris and Henry were already off the ride, so Steven and I had to wait in line AGAIN!  So frustrating!  It is, however, an awesome ride!

Henry really wanted to go on the Grizzly River Run, which is a water ride, so we had saved that for last, thinking we would get wet.  Again, another hour long wait, but they made a friend in line, so it wasn’t that bad.  It was a fun ride.  We decided to let them run around the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail (which ties in with the Wilderness Explorers from the movie Up) to burn off any energy they might have left.  That ended up taking longer than we thought, but they had so much fun climbing, swinging and sliding that it was worth it!  At the end, we got to meet Russell from Up, so they were happy!

We headed back to the hotel to rest and eat before returning to the park for the World of Color water show.  As soon as we got to our designated area (again, you need a Fast Pass for it!), Henry promptly fell asleep and stayed asleep until the show started.  The show was pretty awesome, so I’m glad we toughed it out!

Our last day, Thursday, we were able to get into Disneyland early again.  But, it was pouring rain, so we decided to eat breakfast at the Storytellers Cafe instead.  The boys were able to meet a lot of Disney characters there, and it was nice to eat a meal that wasn’t completely deep-fried, so again…worth it!

We all had our list of “must-dos” for our last day at the park and Space Mountain was first on our list.  I’m not sure the boys were crazy about the dark ride.  Star Tours, on the other hand, was AWESOME!  We all loved that!  We also went on Astro Blasters, Autopia, the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (they loved it!), and took a ride on the Monorail.  We squeezed in another It’s a Small World ride before taking the train back to New Orleans Square so I could go to the Haunted House.  Chris took the boys to have lunch, while I waited in line.  The boys refused to even think about going on it!  After the ride, we saw Jack Skellington signing autographs, so the boys were excited to meet him!  We did a few more rides, saw a few more shows before deciding to give Splash Mountain a try.  The boys loved it!

But now we were quickly running out of time.  We only had a few hours before the park closed, and we needed to change out of our (now wet!) clothes before waiting for the parade to start.  We realized we never even made it to the rides at Fantasyland, but the boys were determined to get Build-a-Bears as their souvenirs.  We went back to the hotel, changed into dry clothes and went back to the park to find a spot for the parade.  The parade was really awesome!

After that, the boys made their Build-a-Bears (Steven made a Disney themed dog named “Fluffy Disney” and Henry made a wizard bear named “Wizzy”) and we finally, FINALLY! turned in for the night.

Friday we headed back to Colorado.  Overall, we had a great, but exhausting time!  We loved surprising the boys with the trip, but we were just sort of shocked by how expensive and crowded everything was.  In theory, Disneyland was supposed to be a “Ghost Town” this week in October, according to the crowd calendars we researched, but this was just not the case.  Disneyland was definitely not as crowded as California Adventure, and I think the new Cars Land is the reason.  Probably the one thing I was disappointed with was not getting to see any of the fireworks shows.  They only run Friday-Monday, and our first day at the park was Tuesday.  They did have fireworks on Tuesday night, but it was as part of the Halloween party, which you had to buy separate tickets for.  But, we did get to see the World of Color show and the parade.  Staying at the resort was great, especially since they were so close to everything and we could walk every where!  (Two weeks later, my calves are STILL sore from all the walking!)  Not having a car was one less thing to worry about, and it was great for being able to take a break in the middle of the day.  Having gone on a Disney cruise, I definitely prefer the cruise because it’s just more relaxing!  I think the boys will be teenagers before we think about another trip to one of the parks!  But, they are only kids once, and they had a great time!

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Guess what I’m missing?








My front teeth!

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Henry turns 6!!

Henry turned six years old last week!  We had his birthday party at Lifetime Fitness.  The kids spent an hour in the pool, had pizza & ice cream, then got to climb the rock wall for an hour.  The rock wall was probably everyone’s favorite part!

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Mr. Moth hatches!

All summer long Henry has been wanting to catch a caterpillar so that he can watch it form a cocoon.  We couldn’t find one at all.  FINALLY, on their first day of school, I found one in the backyard.  We built a home for it, and within 24 hours it made its cocoon.  We checked on it every day for almost two weeks and this morning it hatched!  Henry was a little disappointed that it was a pretty bland looking moth, and not a butterfly, but he was impressed enough to take the empty cocoon to school to show it off to his classmates!

Mr. Moth, when we released him

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First Day of School!

The boys have already been in school for a week, but I just remembered that I hadn’t posted pictures yet!  Sorry about that, families!  Steven is now in second grade and Henry is in 1st.  I get 8 hours a day to myself.  I have been waiting seven years for this.  And what have I done with my spare time?  Clean the house and go to the gym.  It’s an exciting life I lead!

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Camping at Monarch Park

For our second camping trip of the summer, we picked Monarch Park Campground, which is near Salida.  It was a long drive from Parker (about 3 & 1/2 hours) but it is beautiful in that area.  The campground is really pretty, with lots of pine trees and two streams running through it.  Our campsite (#4) was a tent-only site situated in the middle of the two streams and was huge!  We had room for the tent and lots of extra room for running around and playing.  Our camp neighbors were also from Parker, and had kids that were the boys’ ages, so they loved having neighbors to play with all day long!

And YAY!  the fire bans have been lifted in Colorado, so we were able to have a campfire this time!  We wasted no time in getting a fire going.  Have you seen those super large marshmallows?  I thought I was being Supermom by treating the boys to them, but they were a mistake!  They were so hard to eat and impossible to make a S’more!  But, hey, we’ve got a campfire!

The elevation at the campground is 10,500 feet, so we were expecting chilly nights.  We were not, however, expecting the rain!  Chris and I were sitting by the campfire (the boys had long ago fell asleep) when a thunderstorm started.  We quickly put the gear away and gave Cosmo a quick walk.  Not two minutes after climbing in the tent, the rain came POURING down.  It was so loud in the tent that Chris and I were SHOUTING just to be able to hear each other.  The boys are such great sleepers they didn’t even budge!

The next morning, we got another fire going to warm up and then we were off for a hike.  (You can read about the hike at the boys hiking blog by clicking HERE.)  After the hike, we headed back to camp and Chris and I got to relax while the boys played with their new friends.  It’s nice that the boys are now at the age where we can give them a little bit of freedom to explore.  Luckily, since our camp was surrounded with forest and streams, they didn’t need to go to far to get away from the parents!

Unfortunately, it also started to rain again.  We were able to eat dinner, but it was just too cold and wet to keep a fire going, so we got in the tent.  It rained ALL NIGHT LONG.  As relaxing as the sound of rain can be, a torrential downpour on a tent isn’t soothing at all.  We were freezing, damp and exhausted from lack of sleep, so we decided to pack it up the next day.  We were supposed to camp one more night, but there was more rain coming, so there was no way we could get everything dry and warm.  The boys were ready to leave too, which made the decision easier.

Monarch Park is a beautiful campground!  Almost every site there is large and shaded.  It’s definitely going on my list of favorite campsites and we are looking forward to camping there again.  Maybe in a pop-up camper or rented RV next time?  😉

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Run for your Lives, Denver Zombie Run!

Have you heard of Run for Your Lives?  It’s a 5k obstacle mud run where zombies run after you, trying to infect you with their zombie virus.  My sister Tracy (a zombie freak), told me about it awhile ago, and what do you know, they just happened to be coming to Denver during her visit.  I’m pretty sure she planned her trip around it.  Still, it sounded like fun, so Chris, Tracy and I all signed up for it.

All smiles and clean before the race

It was held at the Thunder Valley Motorcross Park, which wasn’t the greatest venue in the world (nothing pretty, no trees, and HOLY HELL, some steep ass hills!)  Our wave was set to run at 11:00.  We met our friends Kevin and Kelly who were running too (Kelly claimed to be (ahem) sick that day, so she wasn’t running.  I think she’s ground zero for the zombie virus.)  We had decided the night before to stick together as a team, rather than every man for himself.  Kevin decided to join us.

Tracy, Chris, Kevin and Michelle

I kind of had an idea of what we were in for, from looking at pictures on their Facebook page.  I was a little disappointed with the venue, but it’s all in fun, so we decided to just enjoy it. Our wave started off pretty typically for a 5k, for about 10 seconds, then we were confronted with our first obstacle: a series of walls, which proved to be no problem for us mere mortals.

Walls are no match for my mad skills

Then, suddenly, we are going straight uphill, UNDER barbed wire.  At first, I was powering through like a bad ass, but then the steepness and altitude just hits you.  I live in Colorado and I was gasping for breath.  Tracy is from sea level and she’s just about keeled over!  We had to go through a series of these steep hills before we finally reached our first mob of zombies.  We all made it through the first horde without losing any health (in the form of flags hanging from our belts), but Tracy was really struggling and considered giving up.  We told her to keep moving (there were zombies after us, after all!) and she could decide at the next flat spot.

Well, guess what happened at the next flat spot?  A guy is having a heart attack.  No, really.  We get to the top of the hill where people are screaming for a medic and a guy is passed out on the ground having CPR performed on him.  They performed CPR for FOUR minutes and finally got a pulse.  It took forever for the medics to get up this hill, so thank god this man decided to collapse right in front of some very-qualified-in-saving-lives people!  It was really scary and sobering.  If Tracy had decided to stop racing at this point, I would have gladly joined her.  But she decided to stick it out at least to be able to go down the giant slide.  But, as we are standing there in this huge mob of people waiting to go down the slide, they make the announcement that there will be no slide for us, we need to walk around.  Apparently, someone broke their ankle on the slide because there wasn’t enough water in the mud pit at the bottom.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but we walked around the slide and everyone jumped into the mud pit at the bottom.

Me and Chris in the mud.

Tracy in the mud pit

After that fiasco, the course actually wasn’t too bad.  There were lots of hills (some that were nearly impossible to climb without help), and lots of zombies, but we figured out that waiting until we had a huge mob of runners with us upped our chances of making it through the zombies without getting our flags taken.  We encountered more mud pits, obstacles to climb over, under and through and of course, more and more zombies.

Chris climbs through a very long mud obstacle

At some point, Tracy and Chris had all their flags taken, so they were officially infected with the zombie virus, but since they hadn’t transformed yet, they helped Kevin and I (we each had one flag left) through the zombie masses by acting as decoys.  So nobel!!  I will say that some of the zombies just let us walk by and only pretended to take our flags.  I had one zombie actually whisper to me “Don’t worry, I won’t take your flag.”  Pretty nice zombies, for giving us a chance to save ourselves.  The zombies at the end were not so life-loving.  That were AFTER US!

Tracy was officially zombified by this jilted bride.

Unfortunately, by the last obstacle, Kevin and I lost our last flags, so we were all officially DEAD.  The course officials announced that we had one more obstacle, which was a large wooden ladder that led to a slide into yet another mud pit, but they failed to mention the electrified fence we had to crawl under to get to the finish line!  Luckily, my husband watches Band of Brothers every time it’s on TV, so I was an expert army crawler.  Tracy got a little shock from it though!  We all did the zombie shuffle into the DEAD line and accepted our medals.

Infected with the zombie virus, but FINISHED!

I have to say this is the most physically demanding run I’ve ever done.  (Although calling it a “run” isn’t really correct.  If anyone was actually able to do any running during this course (except from the zombies, of course) then I didn’t see it!)  All of us were completely drained and extremely sore the next day.  It was really fun, but I don’t know if I’ll be in a big hurry to do another obstacle course again.  Chris got a big kick out of it, and is ready to run another one!  The Denver Post did a story about this race, which you can read HERE.

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